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Battlefield 5’s latest trailer teases its battle royale mode

Battlefield 5, which first appeared at E3 2018, has just released a new trailer as of today. The published trailer contains important details about the game Battle Royale mode.

The latest trailer for Battlefield 5 is released today. This trailer, which allows us to have a lot of ideas about the game, also comes with hints about the Battle Royale mode.

The “Devastation of Rotterdam” trailer reveals Rotterdam bombed during the Bulge battle. There is also a short section about how the Battle Royale mode will look like at the end of the trailer, which also includes some scenes from Norway.

First, there was a trailer for BattleStorm 5’s “War Story” mode, which debuted during the Xbox launch in E3 2018. If it’s about 2 months before the game, EA has released this trailer with some more detail.

Battlefield 5, which is actually the sixth in a row; Playstation 4 will be available for download on October 19 for Windows and Xbox One platforms. Other trailers or game videos of the game are likely to be shared in the coming weeks.

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