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Avengers: Infinity War New Trailer Comes!(VİDEO)

The 30-second trailer from the new Avengers movie Infinity War, where the heroic scenes and heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe came together.

The trailer, which has seen a lot of things, has been published specifically for the Super Bowl event in the USA. The Super Bowl event, which millions of people watch every year in the US, has started. Everyone who is curious about American football in the world is attracted to our country, but the trailers and advertisements published in the dates that they are organized are very interesting.

Avengers, whose Marvel heroes who have stormed the world of cinema as universal symbols against evil for many years, are Marvel alsMarvel o in the constant focus of this interest. As every production company did, Marvel also published a special and short trailer for the Super Bowl. In this fragment, we see that some of the scenes of the first trailer released on November 29th continue.

The team of Thor and Galaxy’s Protectors, who we encountered on the way and left at the end of the third filming, is heading towards the middle of the disaster, next to their friends. Then we see Loki with a statement that is not very innocent. Loki, who is opposite our heroes in Avengers’ first film, can surprise us in the Infinity War film.

Then we see some kind of portal that Spider-Man saw on his way to the trend in the first fragment and probably went right next to his new costume. Peter is taking his mask off and he is not worried about it. Because the object he is on has drawn him out of his atmosphere. It’s probably going to save him from this wreck that someone else on Peter’s head would have on the sequel.

You are now confident that the world’s conservation tasks and the political divisions that plague heroes in Captain America are left on the edge. Because this time there is an evil in the face of our heroes called Thanos. We understand that Thor will come with the Guardians of Galas even though we can not see that he is back in the world.

Then the eyes are turned into Wakanda, the nest of Black Panther. We see him here with Captain America and we have an idea of Captain’s new costume. Thanks to Wakanda’s advanced technology, a new-generation captain who has achieved a challenge will no longer carry this shield on his back and throw it there. Because it has an open system that encloses the arm in a way that resembles Iron Man. The reason for the shortness of the scene in Wakanda may still be fans watching Black Panther filmini. Indeed, after viewing the White Panther from vision, we can see another long fragment.

At the end of the trailer, we see the missing Avengers team on other planets fighting the battlefield, Doctor Strange and Iron Man who are likely to make a full teamwork in the world.

Marvel, although we can not confirm that we will say goodbye to many heroes with Infinity War, which will be in the form of two films, it is obvious that this film is a turning point. The heroes we will probably say goodbye will be the faces that are cool carriers like Iron Man or Captain America. Their place will be filled with heroes like Spiderman and Black Panther.

In the new trailer, Infinity War, which we say goodbye to Thanos’ gaze that will pursue the Infinite Stones, will be in sight in May 2018.


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