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Asteroid on course for Earth spotted hours before impact with atmosphere (Video)

In the past days, the asteroid displayed in the Ottosdal-named region on South Africa, according to NASA’s statement, could not be detected before entering the collision orbit.

In fact, we have a lot of knowledge about asteroids, and we can detect almost all of our asteroids before they approach our world. But there are some exceptions. We have also learned from time to time that we may be caught unprepared after the meteor crash in 2013, which is a part of Russia and is capable of blowing up the windows of many buildings.

Although burning in the asteroid atmosphere, if the size is too big, the falling of the meteor pieces to the ground can cause damage. Fortunately, this was not the case this time. On June 2, the asteroid was found to be 2 meters long, which could be detected only a few hours before entering the atmosfere.

2018 This astrobit, named LA, was discovered by the Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona. The location, which was defined as a limited time in relation to the area to be dropped, was defined as a place between South Africa and Papua New Guinea in the Indian Ocean. The forecasts were correct and the moment of asteroid atmosphere was reflected in a video recording in South Africa. Although the asteroid appears to have fallen on the ground in videotape, it has actually disintegrated and disappeared, and no damage has been detected.

Of course, is it possible that we might not even notice a larger and dangerous asteroid? brings the sorts. Lindley Johnson, Planetary Defense Officer at NASA Headquarters, says, ‘2018 LA is much smaller than the asteroids we have been assigned to detect.’ That is why the reason for not being able to detect asteroids according to NASA is quite small. It is not the case that a large, dangerous asteroid cannot be detected.

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