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Area 51: Britain’s Own UFO-Related Spots Revealed by Former MoD Staffer – Reports

Launched as a joke Facebook event “Storm Area 51”, suddenly attracted the attention of people and millions of people said they would participate in the event. This event, which will be held in the 51st Region, which is mostly subject to conspiracy theories about aliens, has brought up the UFO and alien claims again. One of the pertinent allegations came from the United Kingdom.

Nick Pope, a journalist who previously worked for the UK Department of Defense, named several regions in the United Kingdom were those who wanted to seek extraterrestrial life. In his interview with The Sun, this former employee shared the list of 51st Regions of the United Kingdom, who was responsible for investigating unidentified weather phenomena reported to the department.

According to Pope, these 5 sites in the UK may be of interest to conspiracy theorists who think that alien hunters and the military are acquiring alien technologies.

1. The secret base of the Royal Air Force:


One of the places Pope mentions is Rudloe Manor, the secret Royal Air Force base in Corsham, Wiltshire. According to Pope, there is a network of underground tunnels here. This area was closed in 2000 and according to information released in 2010, it was used to search for UFO beacons. Since then, this has become a popular hangout for conspiracy theorists. Some people even tried to enter this area despite the danger of being arrested.

2. The heart of London:

Londra UFO

Another point that Pope points to is one of the rooms in the main building of the Ministry of Defense. It was alleged that until 10 years ago, the staff here were working on UFO reports under a project. According to Pope, this operation may still be undercover. He also claims that the project has been transferred to the United States or moved to a new building.

3. British National Archives:

Britanya Ulusal Arşivi

Nick Pope also said that the UK National Archives in Kew will attract UFO enthusiasts. The Sun also stressed that in 2018 some of the UFO-related files were de-privacy. Some of the documents about the UFO were opened to the public almost 10 years ago, but the reorganization of some documents here led to rumors that important information was hidden.

4. Region 51 of the United Kingdom:


The Royal Airspace Foundation in Farnborough, which is the subject of Britain’s 51st jokes, is also on the Pope’s list. The research facility, which was closed down in the 1980s, has been the subject of rumors about UFOs ever since. Pope advised conspiracy theorists about the point where the defense technology company, QinetiQ, is not very hopeful today and expressed his skepticism.

5. Flying saucers:


One of the biggest defense companies in the world, BAE Systems’ test area at Warton, is one of the points that might draw the attention of conspiracy theorists. This point is said to be the origin of the Typhoon and Tornado jets. There are also reports of UFO flying in this area.

The former Defense Department employee who made these allegations also stressed that it would never be known where these secret secrets were kept, he said. Real research is highly confidential, where media and the public have never heard of it. ”

Area 51: Britain’s Own UFO-Related Spots Revealed by Former MoD Staffer – Reports
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