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Apple’s Unreleased 9 Excellent iOS 13 Features

Apple, which has been preparing iOS 13 for a long time, has not yet announced all the features. We’ve installed iOS 12 Public Beta for you and reviewed it in detail and created a nice list.

The iOS 13 operating system, which is expected to be released in the fall of 2019 with the new iPhones, will bring great innovations to the Apple ecosystem. Announcing such innovations as system-wide dark mode, new Memoji personalizations, and the redesigned Photos application, Apple didn’t mention some features, like every iOS presentation.

The features Apple doesn’t mention include some things iOS users have wanted to see for years.

1. Refurbished volume control:

If you want to increase or decrease the volume on iPhones, you have to use the volume buttons on the left side of the device. When you press these buttons, the screen is covered with a large volume control panel and the control panel does not disappear for 3 seconds.

iphone ses
With the iOS 13 operating system, this classic volume control is history and users can breathe comfortably, as the revised volume control panel appears a little on the left side of the screen.

2. Control Center improvements:

When you drag your finger upwards from the bottom of the screen, you can control many features of your device with the Control Center. With the new OS release, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings are now much more functional.

iphone denetim merkezi

3. The 3D Touch feature comes with Quick Touch instead:

The new iPhone XR and Xs will be unveiled this year. Instead, they will have a new menu called Quick Touch. With long presses of icons, Quick Touch will be active and give the user some options that are customized for the application. All iPads that support iOS 13 will also have Quick Touch with iOS 13.

iphone quick touch

4. Adjustable handwriting window:

With iOS 13, the keyboard of the iOS operating system is updated. Users who want to write in handwriting will now be able to adjust the size of this window.

5. More healthy battery charge

Charging up to 100% of the lithium-ion batteries used on iPhones makes these batteries last much longer. With iOS 13, the option Optimize Battery Charge is added to Settings> Battery. When this option is active when you plug in your device, your iPhone will charge up to 80% and the power will be cut off. This will increase the lifetime of your battery.

iphone pil sağlığı

6. Dual SIM support for iMessage and FaceTime:

On the iOS platform, you can only use iMessage and FaceTime with the SIM card defined on your device. With the new OS version, users with two SIM cards can now use FaceTime and iMessage dedicated to their SIM cards.

7. Delete the app with the App Store:

You can now delete applications that you can already delete by pressing and holding them in the main menu, directly from the installed apps tab in the App Store. Simply move the application you want to delete to the left and press the Delete button.

apple store uygulama silme

8. Perspective adjustment in photos:

You can now adjust the perspective and make your photos perfect if you don’t fit the angle properly and therefore skew. This process will no longer need a 3rd party application.

9. A new method for AirDrop:

When you want to send documents to someone on iOS 12 with AirDrop, just click on the share button and click on the person. On iOS 13, you have to click the Share button, then the AirDrop button and then click on the person you want to send the document to.

iphone airdrop

Each feature above will be available on the iOS 13 operating system. In particular, the audio control panel is expected to make almost all iOS users happy. Once the new operating system is released, we’ll be sharing with you how to get it.


Apple’s Unreleased 9 Excellent iOS 13 Features
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