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Apple’s new TV app is still terrible for actually watching TV on iPhones

The Apple TV application’s portrait mode feature, which prevents full-screen content tracking, is persistently protected by Apple.

As of today, Apple has introduced the renewed Apple TV application to iOS and tvOS users. While the Apple TV app is a much more user-friendly application, it still remains untouched; Full-screen video monitoring.

By default, when you start any content in the Apple TV application, it is played in portrait ie portrait mode. If you do not unlock the screen rotation in the control center, the image always remains in portrait mode and you can never view the content in full screen. This situation is very annoying.

Netflix, the world’s largest online publishing platform, has already outdated this issue. When you start any content on Netflix, it automatically switches to full-screen mode. So you don’t need to open the control center, unlock the screen rotation, resume the content, move the phone sideways.

YouTube follows a different policy. When you open content, it first opens in portrait mode, but the gaps in the screen are commented, the content description is populated with suggested videos. You can also watch the content in full screen by tapping the full-screen icon in the lower right corner of the video player.

Now let’s not eat the right of Apple; Apple TV also has a full-screen icon. When you touch this icon, the content you see on the left side below becomes the right side. As a result, the entire screen is covered. Nobody told you that you could watch the entire content.

The weird side is; content Launched full screen in landscape mode by default in iOS 10.2, published in 2016. It was not important whether the screen rotation lock was on. Apple has set portrait mode default with iOS 11, and since then you need to unlock screen rotation to watch full-screen content.

Apple’s new TV app is still terrible for actually watching TV on iPhones
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