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Apple’s Logo From 20 Years Ago Is Expected To Reappear On Some Devices

Apple’s latest rainbow logo in 1998, can be replaced on the products again. Apple has been working for a long time, according to the information given by Apple, the rainbow logo is preparing to keep the new product range. The logos are expected to come with products at the end of this year.

Apple, allegedly the apple logo in the colors of the rainbow at the end of this year will bring some devices. According to MacRumors, the information was given by a person working at Apple.

Although the name of the people who uncovered the information was not revealed to prevent people from having trouble with Apple, MacRumors said the person receiving the information had a serious connection with Apple. MacRumors also said the allegation is not certain, but as a result of the information can be made to change the logo, he said.

MacRumors has made the following statement:


“If we need to be clear, this claim may be wrong. The reason we share this claim is that the person we’ve been working with has been working with Apple for a long time, but we haven’t heard such a rumor from any of the other sources we know. There is also the possibility that the decision will change even if the claim is true.”

MacRumors, who put forward the claims made by the source, does not provide information on which products the new logo will be found in, but the new logo is expected to be available on iPhones. Of course, there will be a new logo on the new MacBooks.

Apple’s latest 6-color logo in 1998, Apple, in its product range used colors in many different ways. After more than 20 years, Apple’s small nostalgia and logo to return to an old design seems to make all Apple fans happy.

Of course, the claim came from a certain person, but Apple’s former designer Jony Ive, has recently made statements about the rainbow logo. Ive made the following statements in his statements:


“We have a connection with the rainbow logo, which has been part of our identity for many years. The rainbow is also compatible with us for expressing positive and enjoyable things.”

Apple’s legendary designer Jony Ive’ın words on the inside of a person’s Apple logo will change the new iPhones with a new logo is possible to see again to remind you.

Apple’s Logo From 20 Years Ago Is Expected To Reappear On Some Devices
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