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Apple’s credit card Apple Card made available

The US-based Apple company, which has a huge fan base with innovations in the technology sector, has ended curious waiting. Apple launched the Apple Card.

Silicon Valley giant Apple’s Apple Card’s ordinary credit card design announced at the beginning of this year’s event stands out with its simplicity in design.

There is no card number on Apple’s credit card, while it is made entirely of titanium and attracts more people than the card.

apple card
Tim Cook announced that Apple Card will be launched in the first half of August last week. Apple Card was opened yesterday at 18.00 (TSE).

Registered users will have the right to use the new credit card, Apple Card, which Apple has been focusing heavily on if they have no problems.

apple card

It is thought that the Apple Card, which can only be used by US citizens, can be used by other countries and regions in the coming period.

Apple Card offers very attractive offers to its users Apple seems to have drawn its name to the new sector it enters. Stay tuned for new details.

Apple’s credit card Apple Card made available
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