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Apple Will No Longer Manufacture Mac Pros In China

Apple announced that the production of Mac Pro’s will no longer be made in China. Instead, the company announced that it will continue production in Texas, which is located within the US, and will support domestic suppliers through this method.

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Apple, according to the announcement earlier this year, introduced by the design of the grate-like Mac Pro will no longer produce in China. Monday’s announcement shows that Apple’s next-generation Mac Pro productions, introduced by Apple at the WWDC event in June, will continue in Austin, Texas, the former production location instead of China. With this statement, “Apple, China will be gradually withdrawn” rumors have been confirmed.

The new Mac Pro will be produced by bringing together components designed, developed and manufactured by many different US companies to distribute to customers in the US. In this way, support will be given to the domestic producer.

Production in Texas will also support the country’s economy:

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Components to be purchased from suppliers in the US include products not manufactured in the US. It is not known what will happen in the long run, but in the short run Apple will be able to import the essential components. The company also said that the new American-made components are 2.5 times more valuable than the old Mac Pro components.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said, “We are proud to produce Mac Pro, Apple’s most powerful PC ever, and Austin. We thank the management for their support in providing this opportunity. Özet He summarized the situation with these words: uz We deeply believe in the power of American innovation. That’s why we explain that every Apple product is designed and developed in the US, parts from 36 states will be supported by US suppliers and we will continue to grow here. ”

With the shift of production from China to Texas, Apple announced that it had taken an important step towards fulfilling its commitment to invest $ 350 billion in the US economy by 2023. The company has spent more than $ 60 billion in the last year in more than 9,000 domestic suppliers, including production sites in 36 states.

Apple Will No Longer Manufacture Mac Pros In China
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