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Apple will introduce new products and updates in June.

Apple will be hosting this year’s developers conference WWDC 2019 next month. So what do we expect the giant company to announce during the event?

Google’s I / O 2019 developer conference ends today. Thus, with the future version of the Android operating system, we learn almost exactly what it will offer us. On June 3, Apple will be launching its annual developer conference WWDC 2019 and will learn what features it will take with new versions of Apple operating systems such as iOS, MacOS, and WatchOS.

We still have a long period of time like 3 weeks before but we do not mind seeing our expectations about WWDC 2019.

iOS 13:

The above image shows an invitation from Apple’s WWDC 2019 event. As you can see from the design language of the invitation, the biggest feature of iOS 13 is that it will introduce Apple users to dark mode. Apple will also make some improvements to iOS Widgets and application animations. In general, iOS 13 will offer a better view.

In addition to system-wide view improvements, Apple will also perform some application-based improvements. One of the most important applications of the iOS ecosystem is iMessage. iMessage will have some new customization features with the iOS 13 update. In this way, users will be able to identify individual profile pictures and nicknames for people.

Another application is thought to work on the Apple virtual keyboard. Apple will allow users to write text on their new keyboard by simply sliding their fingers between the letters without ever lifting their fingers from the screen. This feature already exists in many third-party keyboard applications. The fact that Apple brings this feature to the default keyboard application shows that the user is listening to their demands.

Safari will share its new features with iOS 13. All files you’ve downloaded in Safari will now have a new tab that you can access from a single screen. Thus, just like on the desktop you will be able to view any file you downloaded on a single screen. Also, the sharing page will also be updated to be much more user-friendly.

The Apple Health app gets an interface update to show you a summary of your daily activities. In addition, a new Dose feature that reminds you to take drugs during the day is added. In addition, the ScreenTime app provides new controls that allow parents to control who can communicate with their children. Apple Books is a reward system to encourage users to read books.

At the iPad point, two major innovations are expected from iOS 13. The first of these is the enhanced multi-application support, which will close the gap between iPads and laptops. Opening multiple applications in a window will significantly improve the functionality of iPads. The second major innovation is to bring wireless mouse support to iPads. So the iPad will have the function of a laptop with the keyboard.

WatchOS 6:

The biggest expectation about WatchOS is that the operating system has its own application store. Thus, in the following process, Apple Watches will be able to function as a standalone smart device without the need for iPhones. There are also rumors that the Apple Watch will come with a voice memo application.

The rumors will be able to open macOS 10.15, iPad Pro applications. This was a feature requested by users using both iPad and Mac during the day. Although there have been rumors about this issue for a long time, we have not seen a breakthrough in this direction. During WWDC it is also predicted that Apple will be able to display a new Apple Music Mac app.

Information about New Apple Services:

In March, Apple announced the launch of new games, magazines and TV subscription services. Although the event was successful in promoting the services, questions about price and other details remained unanswered. If we think WWDC will be a developer-focused activity, we can expect the company to share more information about its new services. We also note that Apple is not expected to introduce any new hardware during the event.

Apple will introduce new products and updates in June.
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