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Apple TV Completely Renewed and was the application.

Apple has combined the idea of a long-awaited online paid film and series platform with Apple TV.

Apple TV, which has been renewed from the beginning, is coming to Netflix with its new features. Apple TV can now also be used on Android devices.

US-based technology giant Apple, today (March 25, 2019) in the event, introduced the new features of Apple TV. The completely renewed Apple TV has attracted many new features.

Platform merged with third party subscriptions:

While watching television, we can even watch one program on each channel. This is a very difficult and hard to point to this issue, indicating that Apple is hard; we have just presented a renewed app that will pay you for what you want, ad-free, open to family use and unifies all the channels you want in a single app.

Refurbished interface:

Thanks to its revamped interface, Apple TV offers ına Next in line and ya My Place of Stay “features and it is a great convenience for users who like to watch series or movies. In addition to this, you will not have to remember the sections of the series you are watching and the sections you have left in the following application.

Finally, you can switch between screens and movies by scrolling the screens as if you are navigating through the channels, and the application offers you one last feature. A short summary of the films will be able to reach the fragments of the films.

Jump to Intro feature has arrived:

Thanks to the feature we are familiar with Netflix, we were able to skip the interns in the series we followed for a long time. Apple will be very liked this feature Apple TV will have this feature.

Improved sequence/film recommendations thanks to machine learning:

Emphasizing that everyone’s series/film tastes are different and everyone is rare, Apple will be more consistent when offering new movies and series to its users through improved machine learning. You won’t have to choose new sequences and movies thanks to the algorithms that will analyze your favorite actors or genres.

Apple TV will be everywhere, including Android devices:

For the time being, Apple TV on the iPhone and iPad can be used in Macs in the fall and on certain smart TVs. Apple, Apple, Apple, LG, Sony and LG, such as Apple, Apple TV, Apple devices, Apple devices, but not all devices.

Check-out date and price:

The service to be offered in more than 100 countries in May differs in price. The fee you pay in the application where you purchase subscriptions for the channels you want; the more channels you are subscribed to, the more you increase.

We’ve come to the end of our information about Apple TV at the launch of Apple’s Steve Jobs Theater. Stay tuned not to miss other news from the launch.

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