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Apple Shares New Series of ‘Shot on iPhone’ ASMR Videos

When we hear, we often encounter the sounds that relax us and give us peace. Realizing this, Apple released “ASMR Season 1”, which includes videos that use these soothing sounds.

One of the leading companies in the smartphone industry, Apple is well known for its regular commercials, which are known to have spent long shifts in real terms.

Silicon Valley giant Apple, which announced its voice to large audiences with its “With iPhone video series, released brand new videos of this series today.

Out of the routine, Apple, with the iPhone withdrawn in this part of the series ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response – the latest trend in relaxing audio content) focused on the video presented to users. These videos, which have a relaxing effect on watching and listening, have reached thousands of people, even though they have been published for a short time.

As Apple calls this video series ASMR Season 1, we will often see ASMR videos shared by Apple from now on.

Apple recommends using a headset for the best experience before launching videos.

Apple is the first of these videos to share 4 videos with a length of 6 to 10 minutes, “Whispering from the Forest Hayalat” in which a woman is whispering about the Ghost Forest.

In the second video, “Attractive Wood Shop”, there is a master in wood carving, and in the third video, the sound of feet and grass sounds of a person walking on the train track sounds.

The latest video “A Calm Rain in the Camp” is one of the most popular video series. You can listen to your own inner voice and reach the depths of your mind with the relaxing sound of rain.

Apple Shares New Series of ‘Shot on iPhone’ ASMR Videos
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