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Apple releases watchOS Beta 6, including improved Siri

Apple, the operating system for smartwatches watchOS’ 6 Beta update is available to developers today. The new beta was released a week after the fifth beta. The new update includes many features such as improved Siri and the App Store.

Apple, many shortages of watchOS 5 yet over a week, although today, watchOS 6 released the beta update. This update was released a month after Apple announced its first watchOS update at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

Only people with the appropriate configuration profile are available to install WatchOS Beta 6 from the Apple Developer Center. So the update is currently only available to developers. Once the profile is created, the update can be downloaded via the Apple Watch app on the iPhone by going to “General> Software Update”. In order to install the software, Apple Watch must have a charge of more than 50%, be plugged in, and be within the range of the iPhone.

Apple Watch "App Store"

With the watchOS 6, Apple Watch will offer its users a number of features. The most important of these features will be the App Store. After the watchos 6 updates, Apple Watch will have a new App Store with only Apple Watch applications, regardless of the market.

After this update, Apple Watch apps will no longer have to have an iPhone component. This allows developers to create stand-alone Apple Watch applications for the first time. In addition, Apple Watch apps are now independent of apps on the iPhone, so you can delete some built-in apps from your device.

Apple Watch Uygulamaları

Apple’s new update will include many different interfaces. These interfaces will include many changes in the style of Modular Compact and a combination of normal numbers and Roman numerals.

Apple, watchOS 6 future innovations;

Audio Books, Audio Notes, Calculator, many applications will be accessible.

Many new interfaces will be added.
App Store support will be available.
Developers will be able to develop applications independently of the iPhone.
The device will alert you to exposure to high volume.
Many weather features like wind speed, rain probability will be available.
A more advanced Siri.

With the new update, the Apple Watch seems to be really useful. The watchOS 6 will be available next fall, and all devices will be able to receive this new update, except the 2015 Apple Watch.

Apple releases watchOS Beta 6, including improved Siri
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