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Apple Releases Two iPhone XR Ads Related to Privacy and Long Battery Time

Everyone knows that privacy and battery life are crucial for users. Apple released two new commercials to raise awareness of this situation.

In the privacy ad, iMessage encrypts the messages and the shared advertisement about battery life can also be seen on the iPhone XR battery time.

Apple has released two new commercials about the iPhone XR, one of the latest smartphone models. iPhone XR‘s battery life and privacy were shared on YouTube-shared commercials. Apple has thus developed a new marketing strategy for the XR, which is affordable for the X-series smartphones. In fact, the commercial film about privacy covers all iPhone models, but the battery life-related ad is based directly on the iPhone XR. Here are Apple’s new commercials:

In a commercial film about privacy, a woman using the iPhone XR can react to messages from iMessage. Then there’s an article stating that iMessage is hiding your messages. At the end of the commercial film, the Apple logo is similar to a lock.

The subject of the commercial film about battery life is the iPhone XR directly. Different people are highlighted as tired at similar times. At the beginning and end of the commercial, the iPhone XR has the longest battery life.

Apple Releases Two iPhone XR Ads Related to Privacy and Long Battery Time
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