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Apple Releases iOS 11.3 Only for the New 9.7-Inch iPad

Apple has released the iOS 11.3 update as of March 28th. However, this update came not just for the iPhone series that uses iOS, but for the new iPad. Why did not the iPhone first appear in this list?

Apple regularly updates the iOS operating system it has developed for its iPad and iPhone, its mobile devices, and continues to add new features. The iOS, which strengthens its hand in the tech world that has been shaken by the company’s privacy scandals, has reached version 11.3 as of March 28th.

On the other hand, the company that introduced the newest generation and the cheapest iPad that will be driven to the market up to now has started to call for the economic product class. The cheap iPad with a new 9.7-inch screen will not be available for sale until March 30th. Exactly on those dates, the iOS 11.3 update on March 28th was released only for the next generation of iPad models. Under normal circumstances, the first address for iOS updates would always be iPhones.

First of all, it is useful to say that this situation will be temporary. Apple will probably bring the iOS 11.3 update to iPhones without too much hanging in the first week of April. But at this stage, we see that Apple has made a significant change in its update criteria and policies.

As the reason is not formally disclosed by Apple, the fact that updates do not first come to the iPhone may be due to the steps taken by the company to improve security measures. Because after the last 12 days of Facebook privacy crisis, Apple has announced that it will update its security policies and make it more stringent. Maybe iOS 11.3 will be available on iPhones with the addition of these new features.

Another possibility is that after the iPhone slowdown scandal, Apple may be asking for options that are older than 2 years old to receive updates. Because the company does not want to have problems with its customers who used old iPhone models as before.

We think iOS 11.3 will be coming to iPhone soon. We expect Apple to make an official statement and clarify the process.

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