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Apple, Qualcomm head into latest legal battle, with billions at stake

Technology giants are fighting a legal battle on licensing fees, but the outcome of the case may affect how fast your iPhone’s internet will be.

The trial, which took place in January between Apple and Qualcomm, was only a rehearsal. The real event starts now. The two tech giants will meet in the San Diego courtroom on Monday and will begin a 5-week trial process of $ 27 billion over whether Qualcomm will keep its licensing fees too high and try to become a monopoly on smartphone chipset manufacturing.

The trial will begin on Monday. On Tuesday, he will present the opening arguments on both sides, and in Apple, he will summon witnesses, including Apple CEO Tim Cook. The closing arguments and the jury decision will be made on 13 May.

Apple’s production partners have demanded a $ 9 billion return since 2013 for allegedly overpaying their royalties. According to the antitrust law, this amount can be tripled. Qualcomm does not want to pay for the breach of the contract, although it does not specify the amount in detail. There are great dangers right now for Qualcomm. They will have to change the business model by determining the prices of the chips they produce, not according to the phone they are in, but according to the values of the chips.

For consumers, the ongoing legal battle can cause iPhones not to gain access to the speed of next-generation Android devices. Apple’s current modem supplier, Intel, does not yet have the 5G chip. For this reason, Qualcomm is the only choice for smartphone manufacturers who want to access ultra-fast internet this year. We may not be able to see an iPhone with 5G internet technology by 2020 or even 2021, and if Qualcomm and Apple can’t solve the problem, they will never be able to use Qualcomm modems on their Apple devices again.

Apple, Qualcomm head into latest legal battle, with billions at stake
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