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Apple, Prepares Two Expensive Surprises for iPhone Fans.

Apple, known as a premium technology brand for many years, can be referred to as a ‘superfluous’ brand with what they have done this year.

The Japanese technology blog, MacOtakara, slowly reveals Apple’s plans for the 2019 model of iPhones, thanks to the information from its trusted sources in the iPhone supply chain in China. But the latest information from the site’s resources in the iPhone supply chain shows that Apple is looking for interesting information.

According to MacOtakara, Apple will introduce 5 new iPhone models in 2019. Three of these models are the new versions of the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone XR, plus two additional premium models with a 6.1-inch and 6.5-inch OLED display. In addition to the more advanced camera setups and reverse wireless charging, these models will include 18W USB Type-C to Lightning quick charge adapter in the device box.

Samsung launched the Galaxy S10 family as 4 different models. That’s why it may seem normal for Apple to come up with 5 different iPhones. But Samsung’s fourth Galaxy S10 model had 5G support. Since 5G technology is not available anywhere in the first place and requires expensive hardware, it seems a reasonable decision to sell this product as a separate model.

However, Apple is not expected to introduce both the Foldable and the 5G supported iPhone before 2020. Therefore, there is no requirement for the company to launch a 4th and 5th iPhone model. Moreover, even the price of the premium algılan model, the iPhone Xs Max, is being criticized, and the introduction of an even more expensive iPhone model can be perceived as an expensive brand rather than a premium brand.

Apple, Prepares Two Expensive Surprises for iPhone Fans.
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