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Apple loses another legal battle with Swatch, this time over

Apple lost in the legal battle against Swatch in then in Australia.

Apple has lost the legal battle with Swiss watchmaker Swatch. The Sydney Morning Herald, according to the news, Apple, Swatch “One more thing” has lost the war.

In his defense of the Australian Trade Mark Office, Apple said he could not use Swatch’s) One more thing) sentence. The reason why Apple didn’t want this sentence to be used by Swatch is that Steve Jobs is using it regularly during Apple Keynotes. Apple said that this phrase is their trademark and that Swatch should not be allowed to use it.

Swatch, on the other hand, said that the phrase ”One more thing es was inspired by the TV detective Columbo, who often used the phrase   Just one more thing Sw. As a result of the case, the judge Adrian Richards, in favor of Swatch and Apple, the clock manufacturer decided to pay the lawyer’s expenses. Richard said that Apple never used the phrase mad One more thing les in certain services.

He had already lost a similar battle between him and Swatch in Australia. In that case, Apple, Swatch, “Tick Different” was filed against the sentence. Apple, his own slogan, “Think Different,” he said, use their own benefits. In this case, however, the court had favored Swatch.

Although Apple lost to the Swiss watchmaker in the court battles, Apple has made a great deal of their own in the field. The technology giant’s clock sales are much more than the Swiss watch industry.

Apple loses another legal battle with Swatch, this time over
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