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Apple is warning consumers not to fall for a popular iTunes gift card scam

After some of the Internet fraud methods aimed at Apple users, Apple launched an information study to prevent users from falling into these traps.

Gift Cards, which are available in the App Store of Apple’s app store and in iTunes, another store, are frequently seen in various technology stores in our country. When you buy these cards for a fee and enter the code in one of the stores mentioned, the balance is added to our account as much as the amount we have purchased.

Apple warns its users against Gift Card fraud that has been circulating around the world, and many Apple users have recently become victims of this fraud and reported it to Apple. Users who complained said they were wanted by the US Tax Office.

A person who introduces himself as a US Tax Office employee says that the people he is looking for are tax debts and can easily pay this tax debt by purchasing an iTunes Gift Card of the same value as his debts. Users who rely on the fraudster’s words buy the Gift Card and read the code inside the fraudster aloud. From this moment, the fraudster hangs up the phone and adds the Gift Card to his account with the code he received.

Considering that telephone fraud often causes victimization in our country, it is useful to be careful of such situations. Apple recommends that users do not share any of their information over the phone, and should immediately contact an Apple dealer if this happens.

Apple is warning consumers not to fall for a popular iTunes gift card scam
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