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Apple is giving users a 10 percent bonus when they add money to their account

You read it right. You can benefit from this situation until March 14, just once.

Apple, a one-time account using credit and debit cards to everyone who loads 10% of the amount that is loaded.

Users can easily add money to their account if their phone’s settings are a little dull. First of all, it is necessary to enter iTunes & App Store settings in Settings and from here to login to Apple ID and view account. Adding the desired amount on the screen we are experiencing the process of adding money. The user will be able to view the amount of bonus money he won and the original money in his account here. The winning bonus is $ 200, and if you make a $ 10 charge on your account, you get $ 1, and if you make a $ 100 charge, you earn $ 10.

This also applies to desktop iTunes users. Users must first view their accounts after entering the Account section. When you see the section called Apple ID My Account, you can also use the same money upload feature on the desktop. Please note that there are security measures such as Touch ID and password in your money from your phone, but not on the desktop.

At the same time, this generosity of Apple will only continue until 14 March and only allow a one-time operation. If you can add money back to your account at any time, the bonus will only be charged to your account once.

The best part is that Apple can officially distribute money for free. If you have a movie that you want to watch for a long time, you can buy a ticket with no extra money with this amount of Apple by taking advantage of the opportunity until 14 March. Enjoy!

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