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Apple has shared 3 new videos about the iPhone.

Apple’s UK YouTube account; Shared 3 videos with information about Face ID and more.

With its fluid operating system, Apple has made the iOS operating system an essential part of the mobile platform. Introduced in 2017, the UK arm of the Silicon Valley giant company, which used Face ID for the first time on its iPhone X smartphone, released 3 videos of about 10 seconds, which explained their ecosystems much better.

iOS 12 speeds up old iPhones.” Using the video in its video, Apple emphasizes that the iOS 12 operating system update will make every version of each iOS device much more stable and fast.

The company that underlines Face ID technology in every event: “Face ID does not store a photo of your face on iPhone. It only has a mathematical value.” saying that this technology gives importance to the privacy of personal data.

Apple has programs for recycling unused devices: “Your iPhone is no longer like an iPhone, but Apple can convert it.” he says, at least in any case, which parts of the iPhone can be recycled.

Apple’s “More About iPhones” campaign, the videos of the campaign is really curious to users in a very short time offers the information. We believe that short-term and informative videos such as the above can be seen more often in the process.

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