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Apple Arcade Added 5 New Games.

Arcade, a subscribed gaming service developed by


to take its share from the emerging gaming market, continues on its way.

5 new games are being added to the Arcade Game library. Games include Pac-Man Party Royal and Ballistic Baseball, where players can play against each other.

The free subscriptions of users who activated the trial version immediately after launching Apple Arcade ended this week. Last week, the free trial version of the platform to leave the players to leave the mind to add 5 new games Apple, this week also came up with 5 games. Moreover, this week’s games include Pac-Man, one of the game’s legends.

Apple is trying to increase the number of games on the platform over 100, seems to be very close to the target. To date, 85 games have been added to the service, with 5 new games added to the number of 90. Assuming that Apple will proceed at the same speed, it is expected that the number of games on the platform will reach 100 after 2 weeks. Let’s take a closer look at this week’s games.

Note: You can go to the App Store pages by clicking on the titles of the games.

1. Ballistic Baseball

Developed by the famous game studio Gameloft, Ballistic Baseball is a PvP baseball game that requires skill and strategy. iOS, macOS and tvOS operating system between devices with cross-platform support in the game you will be able to fight against your opponents in real-time.

Ballistic Baseball

2. Pac-Man Party Royal

Pac-Man Party Royal is a version of Pac-Man, the most popular game of the time, adapted by Bandai Namco, a developer of up to 4 people. The classic structure is preserved but the graphics are updated and you can experience nostalgia and have fun with your friends.

Pacman Party Royal

3. Manifold Garden

Manifold Garden, which players also know from the early access page on Steam, is one of the games added to the Apple Arcade this week. The puzzle/adventure game, which will change your perspective and make you look at the world from a different perspective, will be released on Steam in 2020 after Apple Arcade.

Manifold Garden

4. Things That Go Bump

Things That Go Bump, developed by Tinybop, is a side-scrolling game where you struggle with strange objects around you. The game, which has a fun yet eerie theme, will be one of the games that can be downloaded after this week.

Things That Go Bump

5. Sneaky Sasquatch

The latest wonder of RAC7 Games, Sneaky Sasquatch, can be a good alternative for mission-based adventure gamers. There is also Turkish language support in this game.

Sneaky Sasquatch

We have come to the end of our article which we shared with you the details of the last 5 games added to Apple Arcade. You can share your thoughts about the games with us in the comments section. By following the games added to Apple Arcade we will be sharing with you. Stay tuned to avoid missing.


Apple Arcade Added 5 New Games.
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