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Apex Legends datamine uncovers 8 new characters

The dataminers are still digging away at Apex Legends, and it looks like one may have struck gold. Seemingly eight new characters have been uncovered, along with icons, concept art and names. The whole list was posted on Reddit, along with the previously leaked Octane and Wattson.

Data miners continue to review Apex Legends’ data. 8 new characters appeared in the in-game files with icons, concepts and names. The entire list was released in Reddit with Octane and Wattson, previously leaked.

Data miner Shrugtal has discovered new characters that are not yet known and whose abilities are not yet known. After the data mining on Octane and Wattson, it was almost known what their characteristics might be. But these 8 characters are so new that even the producer Respawn seems unable to determine what the characteristics of these characters are.

Finding these characters in the game’s files does not guarantee that they will really come along, but the concept image of one of the previously leaked characters has already been published in Pathfinder. If you look at the top left corner, you can see a Wraith poster but as it stands on the poster; like a little cyberpunk, a little bit of samurai.

Respawn hasn’t announced any new characters, but today or tomorrow we know that Octane will come with the Battle Pass. We will be able to follow the explanations from Respawn to follow you.

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