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Android Q makes Wifi sharing with QR codes

Google doesn’t want users to deal with complex Wi-Fi passwords, making it possible to share connections with the QR code.

At a time when the Internet started to spread new, users had little information about security. Therefore, if you understand iden a little d from technology, you could easily connect to your neighbor’s internet. Today, while security protocols such as WPS protect our internet, we set difficult Wi-Fi passwords as a precaution to our neighbors who do not care much about their personal rights.

The difficulty of passwords makes it very difficult for a relative who wants to connect to the network. For this reason, developers such as Google and Apple are trying to make network sharing easier with the new features they offer. With Android Q, Google makes it possible for users to create a QR code to share a Wi-Fi network with their relatives. To share the Wi-Fi network with the QR code, you need to follow these steps.

From the Network and Internet settings, touch the existing network connection after going to Wi-Fi.
Here, tap, you will see a Share button that makes it possible to share your existing network connection.
When you tap the Share button, the device will ask you for a password or fingerprint verification.
Your partner who wants to connect to Wi-Fi should enter Wi-Fi from the Network and Internet settings.
On the right side you will see an icon to add a network. After touching this icon, it will be enough to scan the QR code on your device.

Android Q QR code Wi-Fi sharing feature, network sharing makes it very easy. However, it will take a long time for Android users to switch to Android Q and this feature will not work unless both devices are Android Qs. We hope that Google will bring this feature to Android Pie and possibly an Android Oreo.

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