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Android Q Beta has hidden option for remapping Pixel squeeze gesture to other assistant apps

Voice assistants in our smart phones are entering our lives more and more every day. Pixel devices offer easier access to voice assist.

Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL from Google’s Pixel 2 smartphones with the pure Androd operating system, and Google Now, the next smartphone of the series, which opens Google Now, has taken its place in the Pixel 3. As XDA developers realize, the Android 10 Q makes this feature even more sophisticated.

The new version of Google’s mobile operating system, the Android 10 Q, offers users a much more stable and compact experience. When the iyor secure assist_gesture_any_assistant m feature is discovered in the first beta of the new operating system, the selected voice assistant (Firefox, Google Now, Cortana, etc.) is turned on when the smartphone is turned on and is ready to receive your requests.

When a Pixel user selected another audio assistant as the “main assistant” from Google Now, and the device was tightened, Google Now always opened. Silicon Valley company, Pixel users with the new version of Android provides comfort in this area. If the selection is made from the application settings, except for the selected voice assistant; The desired feature like flash, internet browser, application, camera and more can be activated.

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