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And Expected: Google Offered Dark Mode Support to Chrome 74’s Beta

Designed to be focused on developers, Chrome 74 was released on all platforms with its first beta. In addition to all the features, the dark mode for Windows was also included in the beta.

The Google Chrome 74 beta has been released for a while. Chrome 74, published for Windows, Mac and Linux, gives you more control over your internet sites.

In addition, the dark mode for Windows was introduced to the developers with the first script of the Chrome 74. The published dark mode consists of completely dark tones, including the Chrome logo. However, the beta version, which features two options, “Remove Animations” and “Decrease Motion” on all platforms on which it is published, helps you keep all the control in the browser.

Talking about this feature coming to the Chrome 74, Thomas Steiner said: “Fancy effects, eye-popping ads, animations, and auto-played videos can be very sore at times. With the ability to reduce movement and animation, developers can satisfy users by creating pages with less movement. This includes removing automatic video playback and redesigning pages specific to specific users. “

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