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An operational Lamborghini Aventador made with a 3D printer.

We’ve all played car racing games, but it’s not uncommon to turn the cars we see in the game into reality. The physicist Sterling Backus succeeded in producing the Lamborghini using a 3D printer at his son’s request.

The son of physicist Sterling Backus, after using Lamborghini Aventador in an Xbox game Forza, asked his father, “Can we do this car?” asked the question. Most fathers would laugh at this question or give a sarcastic answer, but the physicist Backus replied, “Of course.” The result of this magnificent work, this week can be driven.

Backus, a scientist at KMLab in Colorado and his 11-year-old son, called the project “Interceptor”. The car costs about $ 20,000. Backus built the steel frame by hand and used Corvette’s LS1 V8 for power. He found the panel designs through the online design community GrabCAD and then changed them to 3D printing.

The problem of 3D printing melting in the sunlight would be a problem for the physicist:

Due to the melting problem, Sterling Backus decided to combine the carbon fiber coating with epoxy. The entire vehicle was built using the Creality CR-10 105 3D printer for about $ 900. Backus says it only takes 52 hours to complete the front grille. Some of the cool features of the car include a gear lever, functional lights, and doors.

One of the fun aspects of the story is that Backus admits that he learned to engineer while doing the project. Backus says he was initially researched on YouTube. The physicist says he has learned what he has learned through YouTube and describes himself as a “YouTube University” graduate.

With the project’s apparent end, Backus said it wants the final product to serve as an educational tool for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics programs. Facebook The aim is to take the cars to local schools and show the children how cool the technology can be ”on the Facebook page of the project.


An operational Lamborghini Aventador made with a 3D printer.
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