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an error has been detected showing registered passwords in the latest beta of iOS 13 (Video))

Apple’s new operating system iOS 13 beta process continues while users, iPhone found an error showing passwords. This error can be tried by anyone.

Apple announced the new operating system iOS 13 in June. The stable version of the operating system, which is currently in beta, will be available in the coming months.

An error detected in beta versions of iOS 13 is that all the passwords on the smartphone will be displayed without any verification. This bug, which is only available in the beta version of iOS 13, appeared on Reddit and was shared via YouTube.

This bug, which is available in the third beta of iOS 13, is visible to all users. If you are an iOS 13 Beta 3 user, you may experience this error on your iPhone.

This error occurs as follows; You access the settings menu from your phone. We access the “Passwords and Accounts” submenu here. At the top of this page is a section called “Application and Web”. After this section is pressed continuously and the incoming authentication method is canceled several times, your device shows all the passwords stored.

There was no explanation from the Apple front about the error, but it seems possible that the company will fix this error in the next beta release. Considering that the purpose of beta processes is already this, it is possible to say that this issue will not cause any security problems in iOS 13 which will be available to users in September.

Here is the video that shows this error:

an error has been detected showing registered passwords in the latest beta of iOS 13 (Video))
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