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An Asteroid Will Block Our Brightest Star on Monday, And Astronomers Need Your Help

Sirius, known as the brightest star, will not be seen for a while due to an asteroid that will pass in front of him. This will create an image just like the solar eclipse.

The star of Sirius is known as the brightest spot that you can see when you look at the sky at night. An interesting event, which will take place on Monday, February 18, will eliminate this feature for a very short period of time.

According to the calculations, the size of a non-asteroid, will pass right in front of the star of Sirius. The asteroid that will block a certain area of ​​the star during this transition will cause interesting images to be seen from certain parts of the Earth. As soon as Sirius is fully blocked, a scene similar to that seen in a solar eclipse will be witnessed. According to the statements of scientists, the star is too bright and large to bury the darkness of this event will take a short time, but still a part of the world, even for a short period of time to shade.

According to the researchers, it is difficult to predict exactly which cities will be buried in darkness because of Sirius’ radiance. Nevertheless, with rough calculations, it is estimated that the first shade will fall to Antarctica, and that some cities in the United States will travel through Mexico.

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