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American Truck Brand Mack Produces Electric Garbage Truck

From the developing electric vehicle trend, pickup trucks seem to take their share. The noisy garbage trucks can be one of our memories of the past with the arrival of electric garbage trucks, which are working very quietly in the near future. Volvo Trucks was one of the first companies to step on this field with the FL series it launched in 2018. Mack Trucks, the sub-brand of Volvo Trucks, also launched its own electric garbage truck with the Electric LR series.

Mack Electric LR, which appeared in a sanitation trade show held in Las Vegas last week, is currently still in the prototype stage, so all features have not yet been announced. However, it is known that there will be two electric motors with 349 horsepower and maximum power with 496 horsepower. In total, four lithium-ion batteries will strengthen the engines with a rating of 600 volts, but it is not known what their capacity will be and how much they will have.

According to Mack, trucks will not require an oil change, and finishing systems will be just like conventional diesel trucks. In this way, operators can reduce costs, while lorries can stay on the road for longer. Moreover, the company says that the fact that trucks are quiet can also allow for night-time work.

Electric vehicles, which are important for the environment, are not the only option for zero emissions. Kenworth, the truck manufacturer, had come together with Toyota to develop a hydrogen fuel cell electric pickup truck and announced in April they would produce 10 hydrogen-powered trucks.

American Truck Brand Mack Produces Electric Garbage Truck
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