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Alibaba Starts to Sell Cars with automat

Nowadays, when technology is advanced and shopping is facilitated, E-commerce company makes it easy to buy Alibaba cars. Car sales start with automat.

Ford and Alibaba stressed that they planned to “explore new ways of buying consumers’ vehicles” in a statement that they are in an attempt to enter China’s electric vehicle market.

Customers who want to buy automobiles will reduce the mobile application of the automat to their devices and start the purchase process. If the customer who chooses the preferred model, Alibaba’s Sesame credit, is in good condition, he will pay 10% to buy the car. The remainder of the price will be paid in monthly installments.

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What you need to do to use the app is pretty simple. In the first place, you will take a picture of the car you want to test and buy with application search. Once the system recognizes the car, he asks you to choose the color and fill in the necessary information.

Then you can create a test drive for the car you want by pulling a selfie through application search. When you reach the vending machine, you have to show your face in the required area. Thanks to the selfie you have installed, the system that recognizes you is delivering the car to you.

I have to say that selling cars with vending machines is not a new venture. A similar application was made by Carvana in America in 2013. Singapore-based Autobahn Motors has offered the world’s longest automobile 15-fold. One of the main aims of this company is to make the purchase of the car “like a can of coke”. In January 2018, it was announced that they plan to open two fully automatic vending car stores in Shanghai and the other in Nanjing.

Below you can review the details of the concept that the video is planned.

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