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Adds Two Bombs to WhatsApp, Android and iOS Beta Applications- TECHNOLOGY NEWS

WhatsApp adds the Group Invitation for Invitation to the application with the update for the Android beta application; With the update for the iOS beta application, Advanced Search is about to come.

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular instant messaging application, has updated the beta app for both iOS and Android users. The update to the Android beta brings the Invitation for Group Chats feature to the Android beta, which was added to the iOS app about a week ago.

But the feature is still under development, as in the iOS beta application is not available in the Android beta. You can click on the link below to find out what the Invitation for Group Chats feature is.

The update from iOS beta is an important feature. While WhatsApp is constantly improving the search engine within the application, these enhancements often involve changes that are so small that users will not notice it. But with the latest iOS beta update, the Advanced Search feature makes it possible for WhatsApp users to easily find all the messages they are looking for using the search engine.

With the new Advanced Search feature, users will be able to enter a keyword or phrase to find a text message as before. Moreover, keywords that were searched for in the past period will be shown to users in a list titled lar Searched soon Üst. Users can clear this list at any time by clicking the le Clear zaman button. However, WhatsApp medyas search engine comes from media categories such as Photos, GIFs, Videos. This way, users can easily find not only text messages, but also past media files.

The Advanced Search feature is included in the iOS beta application’s code, but is not yet available to users. Be sure to keep the WhatsApp beta application up-to-date when the feature is available to users. We can also say that the feature will come to the Android beta in the near future.

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