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A warmer world means a greater risk rain lands on snow, triggering floods

Climate change brings chained disasters. The recent natural disasters at this point show that the chain of these catastrophes is not far away.

The world is warming up, the glaciers are melting and the fires are destroying the forests. Our planet has entered a path that is no longer returnable, and disaster news is increasing day by day. In fact, although global warming has not directly affected our geography for many years, the effects have become visible. The thirst in Africa and the acceleration of the glaciers are the best examples of this.

Finally, another dimension of flood disaster was noted. So much so that the change in climate has already made it possible to turn rains into flood disasters, and we have seen this clearly in recent events, especially in Japan. But there is another risk that will increase the size of flood disasters; extreme precipitation from tropical regions to the north and rains falling into snow-covered mountains lead to dangerous floods.

In dry and high mountains these possible rains do not pose a great risk, but when the mountains are covered with snow, the danger of the floods that can occur is very high. We have not encountered such a disaster yet because in high regions the precipitation is already snowing because of the cold. However, if the world continues to warm up, snow will fall on these regions and this will inevitably bring giant flood disasters.

Science has also started to work on measures that can be taken in this regard. Scientists have begun examining 13-year data in some critical areas to identify possible catastrophic areas. In this way, information about the size of the danger in risk areas will be obtained. The 13-year grant shows that if we act carefully and balance the situation, it will not be a problem, but scientists are still working more feverishly to see what might happen in the next 30 years.

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