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A Strange liquid Where You Can Run on it.

You may have heard of special materials obtained from the combination of substances found in nature and resisting physics rules.

Today is a violation of Newton’s laws. We’re looking closely at lead-tight liquids while you’re dipping your hand.
Newton, who is the owner of many findings in the foundations of physics, defined the fluidity of liquids as gun viscosity Bugün. According to the viscosity rules, different types of fluids had different resistance to flow movement. For example, the viscosity ratio of liquid soap is higher than water.

Viscosity rather than viscosity is an element that defines the surface tension of liquids. For example, the surface resistance of the water is very low, you can sink your hand, it is near the impossible to run on. So, are there no fluids against the viscosity rule?

Watch the video below:

You’ve seen a vicious and actually quite fluid that you can easily run on, but you start to sink when you’re stationary. So where are these fluids used?

This video that the BBC has prepared years ago can give some idea:

We are using some of these fluids that are opposed to Newton’s viscosity rule in our daily lives. Although not as above, our toothpaste is also non-newtonian fluids. You also need to know how many different non-newtonian fluids you have. These liquids are mainly divided into 2 groups as 2 time-dependent bağımsız and “time-independent Bu.

Non-newtonian fluids showing time-independent behavior:
Bingham Plastic:

Put a drop of toothpaste on a flat surface and start to bend the surface slowly. As the slope increases, toothpaste loses its resistance to flow. In the end, it can not resist the resistance begins to flow. One of the most common non-newtonian fluid types independent of time is Bingham plastics.

Ece Dilatant yap fluids that you can simply do at home:

In the video above there is a little water in the left bowl and a mixture of water and corn starch in the right. When the ratio of starch in the second container reaches a certain level, the fluidity of the fluid changes. The liquid surface which absorbs hard strokes does not exhibit resistance to light impacts.

Apart from the mixture of starch and water, you do not see dilatant liquids very often in the natural environment. So you can do this at home, under normal circumstances, a very rare physical feature exhibits.

A Pseudo ım fluids circulating in our veins:

Another type of non-newtonian fluid that behaves independently of time is called nonpseudo plastic Zam. The best example of this type of fluids is shown as blood. These liquids, which have a certain surface resistance, lose their resistance after a point and become fluid. The most common example in everyday life can be ketchup. Pouring ketchup stuck all over the bottle is almost impossible without any intervention.

Let’s come to the non-newtonian fluids that are time-dependent. That’s more bizarre than all of them:
Lar Thixotropic ekt and ”Rehopektic iks fluids:

The liquid you see at the beginning of the video above is defined as a thixotropic fluid. This kind of fluids, in time, become more waterless. Just as you see in the video, the fluidity properties decrease. We can simulate the effect of a kind of milk and pudding powder. As the mixing movement increases, the fluid becomes more opaque.

In the second part of the video, there is an example of rheopectic akışkan fluids which are the opposite of the first fluid. In these liquids, they become more fluid with time and mixing. For example, pastes sold on the street or honey can be given as examples of such liquids.

We are familiar with the types of fluids that are viscerally different and exhibit different behaviors. As you can see from the food industry until the production of battery material, even in the defense industry, we benefit from these strange fluids.

A Strange liquid Where You Can Run on it.
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