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A Photographer Was Able To View The Meteor That Hit Jupiter (Video))

A space photographer recorded an extremely rare event on Jupiter. A space photographer named Ethan Chappel, who displays a meteor collision at the lower left of Jupiter, shared the images on Twitter.

With Jupiter appearing in the sky at night in the northern hemisphere, space photographers direct their telescopes deep into the Solar system. One of these photographers managed to capture an extremely rare event.

Ethan Chappel, who studied Jupiter on August 7, 2019, caught an extremely rare image. Chapel displaying a huge meteor falling to Jupiter shared the images on Twitter.

“I was very excited after watching the video and seeing the light. I felt I had to share the video right away,” Chappel told ScienceAlert. Images showed an explosion in the lower left of Jupiter.

The image, unlike the lightning or aurora phenomena normally encountered in Jupiter, revealed the possibility that a meteor hit Jupiter, creating a huge explosion.

I’m I’ve never seen anything like this before, J Jonti Horner of the University of Southern Queensland said in an interview with ScienceAlert.

A meteor strike to Jupiter does not seem to be a rare occurrence. The explosion of meteors in the air after entering the atmosphere is a common occurrence on Earth. Moreover, when you think that the mass of Jupiter is much more than Earth, we can say that it can attract more meteors to itself.


According to a survey conducted in 1998, Jupiter suffers 2,000 to 8,000 times greater collision than Earth. Still, it is not uncommon for these events to be captured. If we consider that the gravity of the Earth is less than Jupiter, we can say that it is very interesting that this event is recorded, not the meteor strike to Jupiter.

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Jonti Horner, many factors played a role in this event, he said. Pointing out the location of the collision as well as being in the right place at the right time, Horner said, “It wouldn’t have been so obvious if you had examined it with a telescope. These events are often unrecognizable or unobservable. there are different elements “he said

A Photographer Was Able To View The Meteor That Hit Jupiter (Video))
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