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A patent showing the future of 5G and enhanced Wi-Fi support to Apple Watch

According to a new patent file, Apple wants to raise the bar for the 5G to add the 802.11ad Wi-Fi standard, which supports ultra-high-frequency 5G antennas and high-bandwidth signals.

Recently, many different smartphone manufacturers have introduced smartphone models with extremely high-frequency 5G antennas. Consumers who prefer premium segment smartphones showed great interest in these models. Although these devices stand out with 5G features, there were some differences that were ignored or underestimated; design. All smartphones with the ultra-high-frequency 5G antenna introduced so far have screens larger than 6 inches and almost all have a thickness of close to 8 mm.

For example, the Galaxy S10 5G model; The device has a large 6.7-inch screen. The thickness is exactly 7.94 mm. The Huawei Mate 20 X 5G features a 7.2-inch display and raises the bar even further. The thickness of the device was 8.38 mm. In other words, buying 5G smartphones from major brands meant giving up one-handed operation and mobility. Given that 5G technology is concentrated on the Internet of things, having such gigantic devices at some point was disappointing. According to a new patent file, Apple plans to launch a smaller device with extremely high-freapple watchquency 5G antennas. A very, very small device

According to the patent file, Apple’s plan is to integrate extremely high-frequency 5G antennas into the Apple Watch. Thus, Apple Watch will have access to a much stronger data network, and Apple Watch owners’ loyalty to their iPhone will be severely reduced. However, current technology does not make Apple’s job much easier. This is because we’re talking about attaching antennas to a small wristwatch on a 6.7-inch screen and 8mm thick devices. Apple’s emerging patent focuses precisely on this problem.

As a matter of fact, Apple has an option not too high in front of Apple, similar to 4G antennas. With this option, it is possible for the company to provide compatible 5G support for Apple Watch models for Chinese, European or South Korean 5G networks. However, Apple wants to support the extremely high frequencies and radio frequencies used in the past. Therefore, Apple should place both over-frequency and high-frequency antennas in a small device such as the Apple Watch.

The patent fully describes this design. According to Apple’s patent, antennas will be placed parallel to the side frames of the device or directly under the screen. The antennas will be positioned to transmit data directly to the outside rather than the user’s wrist. This will provide maximum efficiency from the antennas. What’s more, Apple’s plans don’t stop with 5G connectivity support. The company wants the next-generation Apple Watch models to support the ultra-high-frequency 802.11ad Wi-Fi standard. This allows the Apple Watch to connect to the network even with high-bandwidth VR sets. As with any patent news, we would like to remind you that companies do not put every patent as a final product. Therefore, the technology you see in the above patent image may emerge in a completely different way or can never be released.

A patent showing the future of 5G and enhanced Wi-Fi support to Apple Watch
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