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A New Way To Fool Face ID Has Been Discovered

A new Face ID vulnerability was discovered by a group of researchers at the Black Hat Conference. If the user wears a pair of glasses, the phone will scan in 2D and not in 3D, making it easier to fool the system.

Apple’s face-scanning system, Face ID, many methods of deception had emerged. Not only for Apple devices, it is possible to trick almost any phone with face recognition lock. This one’s a little more interesting.

apple face id

The Black Hat, which is held annually in many countries around the world and provides information about the security of computer systems, has found an interesting way to trick the Face ID system. In fact, Face ID is a system that does its job well, but it still tends to be tricked. We’ve seen a couple of times before the Face ID system was tricked. The user’s twin, even his little brother, could sometimes fool this system.

Face ID

Black Hat researchers, black glasses on their glasses with black tape, unconscious or sleeping phone holder can be unlocked very quickly showed. Face ID normally scans the face in 3D, and the eyes play an important role in this case, but if you wear a pair of glasses, the phone will perform a two-dimensional scan to unlock it more simply.

While the interestingness of this situation is indisputable, it is clear that the method is not practical. If someone knocked you down in a way that would knock you out, the first thing you’ll worry about is probably not your Face ID’s security rating, but the fact that the phone scans in two dimensions gives you the possibility that someone with similar facial features can access your phone by wearing glasses.

A New Way To Fool Face ID Has Been Discovered
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