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A New Method of Detection of Malicious Software is Discovered

Researchers have developed a new method for detecting malware. Hardware-based cyber attacks can be prevented by this method.

Before proceeding to the details of the news, it is necessary to mention two vulnerabilities in the processors. These are Meltdown and Specter.

Meltdown: Access to privileged kernel memory and is a nightmare especially for Intel processors.
Specter: Allows data leak by fooling programs. It affects AMD and Intel processors. Even most of the powerful processors that are on the market can be affected by Specter.

Antivirus programs cannot capture these two vulnerabilities because they directly affect the user through hardware. In order to avoid this problem, long-term studies have been completed. Thanks to these works supported by Lockheed Martin and the National Science Foundation, hardware components can be characterized and can be discovered.

The invented new method is not available for computers at this time, but it is possible to implement this method on many devices produced in industrial areas. The reason for not being used in computers is that there is a lot of technology and software on computers. In fact, this new method is based on a very simple foundation, the power consumed by the devices.

In this new method of using microcontrollers, the energy consumption of the devices is checked instantly. As the average energy consumption of the devices produced in the factories is known, it is understood that if the inconsistency of the value of the researchers occurs, malicious software can be found. However, the system does not work fully. Researchers have stated that in some cases this situation cannot be determined.

A New Method of Detection of Malicious Software is Discovered
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