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A Mind-Controlled Exoskeleton Enabled The Paralyzed Man To Walk Again.

For the first time, a paralyzed person was allowed to walk with a mind-controlled exoskeleton. In France, the paralyzed person was able to move his legs and hands through the exoskeleton.

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Scientists from the University of Grenoble Alpes in France have enabled a paralyzed person to walk again through a mind-controlled exoskeleton. Independent walking was not allowed at this stage of the study. The human walking with the exoskeleton was attached to safety equipment suspended from above. In the study, the paralyzed person was able to walk towards a goal.

Researchers have been working on systems where people with spinal cord injury can control their bodies by reading their minds for a long time. The most commonly used approach in these studies was to place thin electrodes in the brain.

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In this method of placing electrodes on the brain, which the researchers are working on, wires entering the skull can cause infection. In addition, the electrodes appear to be wounded by the brain in the following months and are closed by the tissues, thus gradually stopping to work.

The French team considered placing the electrodes on the hard outer membrane outside the brain to get rid of these problems. Ars If there is an infection, it will stay out, Louis said Louis Benabid, a researcher.

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Researchers tried this new method on a man who broke his neck four years ago. Scientists asked a former optician to have a few brain scans. In these scans, it was learned which areas of the brain became active as the man walked or moved his arms. After the results of the scan, the 5 cm diameter skull disc on both sides of the man’s head was replaced with brain sensors.

The man, known as Thibault, first tried to use sensors by trying to move sensors and an exoskeleton avatar on the computer. Thibault’s ex-skeleton dress was connected to the computer after the trials. The dress was attached to a security point hanging from above to avoid any problems. Thibault started to walk forward with his exoskeleton dress.

Iba, I felt like the first man on the moon, Th Thibault said. I haven’t been able to walk in two years. I forgot I was taller than most people in the room. It was very impressive.

The researchers said their next goal was to balance the exoskeleton itself. Ben What we need is higher processing speed, Louis said Louis Benabid, a researcher. We don’t have enough processing speed yet. ” Ravi Vaidyanathan of Imperial College in London said, Imagine all the arrangements you have made to survive. If you can rely on the robot for some balancing, then walking is potentially achievable. ”

With the exoskeleton, Thibault was also able to do complex tasks such as twisting his arms, wrists, using both hands together and reaching goals. However, the research did not reach such a smooth stage. Before the Thibault, the sensors were placed on another person. However, due to technical errors, the trial system only worked for a few seconds.

The problems with the exoskeleton were handled by the team and gave good results with Thibault. The researchers are about to add implants to three more people. One of the researchers, Vaultyanathan, said it was hopeful that Thibault’s implants were still working after 27 months. Ult There’s obviously a long way to go before it’s used in general. However, progress is a very important step. ”

A Mind-Controlled Exoskeleton Enabled The Paralyzed Man To Walk Again.
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