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A feature that has been on iOS for years with Android Q Beta 6 has come to Android

Google has begun counting down to release Android Q. Android Q Beta 6 with the latest version approaching Google, only a few weeks after the release of the latest version reported.

Android Q Beta 6, one of the latest beta versions of Android Q, was released by Google on Wednesday. Google said the company is only a few weeks away from publishing the final version of Android Q. Android Q Beta 6, which is currently downloadable for Pixel devices, is expected to be released for compatible third-party phones in the coming days.

According to the blog post shared by the Android team, Android Q Beta 6 brings improvements on the menu’s motion commands. Especially in the iOS operating system, the long-running scrolling feature is added. Android Q Beta 6 has also been introduced with a new reverse motion sensitivity option, as well as other features.

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August Android Security Patch, as well as Settings search, WebView problems that eliminate known errors in the team, after correcting errors in Google applications will offer the latest version of Android Q to users. Google warned users who will download Beta 6, although “Beta 6 is a version close to the latest version, some applications may not work as expected.”

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In addition to Android Q Beta 6, Google has released the latest API 29 SDK and updated build tools for Android Studio. Using these tools, developers will be able to edit the apps they have developed for the latest version of Android Q.

“The Beta 6 includes all the features, system behaviors and developer APIs that will come in the latest release, and everything you need to prepare your apps is available in this release,” the Android team said.

A feature that has been on iOS for years with Android Q Beta 6 has come to Android
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