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A 2-Foot-Tall, 500-Pound Giant Dinosaur Bone Was Found

A dinosaur fossil found in France once again demonstrated the enormous dimensions of dinosaurs. The dinosaur, the owner of this 2-meter-long bone, became the world’s largest dinosaur.

At one time they were not the dominant kind of people on earth. The dinosaurs dominated the green-blue mudball we lived on. Of these creatures, only fossils remain today.

The newly discovered gigantic femur is 140 million years old and is about 2 meters long. This bone, which is longer than a normal human, weighs 500 kilograms.


The examination revealed that the bone belonged to a dinosaur species called Sauropods. These creatures are known as the world’s largest herbivorous dinosaurs. Although this species normally appeared at the end of the Triassic Period, this fossil is from the Jurassic Period.

The fossil was found in clay soil by volunteers from the National Museum of Natural History.

The researchers hope to build an entire Sauropod skeleton using the bones found in the area. There was also a pelvis buried in the same layer.


The Charente region of France is a very important fossil bed. 7500 bones have been found in the area since 2010. These bones turned out to belong to 45 different dinosaur species.

The team says the construction of the dinosaur skeleton is now half completed. It will determine how fast the process will be completed and how fast the fossils will be found and extracted.

A 2-Foot-Tall, 500-Pound Giant Dinosaur Bone Was Found
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