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8 useful tips for faster use of the iPhone

Smartphones, which are the digital devices we access most in our daily lives, also play a big role in our communication with people. Without smartphones that support us as much as our personal assistant, life is really hard.

 So how do we use our smartphones faster, which makes our lives so easy, and how do we make our transactions faster?
iPhones, which make up the majority of the smartphone industry, stand out from other smartphones thanks to their own ecosystems.

These devices, which have their own operating system, continue to maintain their place in the sector and their fan base because they are stable and convenient.

What can iPhone users do to make their lives so much easier? What are the ways to use their iPhone more efficiently? We have created a list of important details for you.

8. The simplest way: Siri

Siri, the voice assistant of iPhones, allows you to perform many operations on the device without touching the screen. Hey, Siri! You can tell your assistant to open any application with a voice command. In this way, you can access the desired application in a short time.

You can still use Siri to send a message as quickly as possible or to set your alarm. Remember that Siri, the voice assistant, is always there to help you.

7. Press and hold a link in Safari

To see a preview of a link while browsing in Safari, press and hold and swipe up when the window comes up. With this method, you can see the contents of the connection, as well as Copy, Share, Add to Reading List, and more.

6. Do you need to save battery urgently? Use flight mode

If you want your device to charge faster, you can switch your device to flight mode while charging. This way, your iPhone will save energy by not doing anything in the background while charging.

If your iPhone’s battery level is really low and you want your device to run for a longer period of time, then you can also switch your device to flight mode to save the maximum amount of time required.

5. Save the web page offline

You can save a saved web page offline at any time, even if you do not have access to the Internet.

To do this, you have to press and hold the bookmark button at the bottom right of the screen while in Safari and then select Add to Reading List in the window that opens.

4. Quick switch between applications

If you want to quickly switch between the applications you are using, press and drag to the top left of the screen. With this method, you can instantly switch to the previous application.

3. Use the spacebar to make a point

Using punctuation when composing text messages is of great importance in terms of both correct understanding of what we write and correct writing.

Among these punctuation marks, the most common “dot” you can easily create and automatically switch to upper case by tapping the space key twice when your sentence ends.

2. Back key on the calculator

When you press a wrong key in the Calculator app on iPhones, you may not see any keys on the screen to undo your step.

In the event that users might enter the wrong data, Apple has been able to retrieve the entered data by dragging the finger from right to left in the part where the numbers are located.

1. Take a perfect selfie

Taking pictures with the front camera has always been a separate concern. Especially with the growth of the screens, the iPhone is almost impossible to shake while the camera button is being raised with our fingers. When this happens, the photo taken is too poor quality.

However, Apple, the users may face a problem in this way, thinking that the iPhone’s volume up and mute buttons as a shutter set. When taking a picture with the front camera, just press a volume key to take the picture.

8 useful tips for faster use of the iPhone
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