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8 Features You Must Have to Become an Administrator

Some of us think that we were born as a full-time manager and that the big teams are the directors of children. But let’s see if you have the necessary features to become a manager?

Let’s be honest, we’re thinking that the person who works on a lot of our jobs is doing less work. In Hele, the senior executives always remain the only ones who have business in their minds. This situation, which is actually mistaken, is the dream of all of us. Managing the team, being a respected person, and perhaps taking responsibility are prideful. However, as in every job, skill is the basis for this. At this point, we’ll talk about the 8 properties you need to have in order to be an administrator.

1. Employees should feel comfortable in the environment you and your company

In the slightest stress or fear, our feet wander together. At that moment our brain, like our body, reacts and we can not think partially healthy. Tense business environments do not provide a suitable place to work for this reason. In addition, your employees should be sure that everyone is treated fairly and that the environment is trustworthy. It is undoubtedly the success of man to feel safe. That being so, you should be able to put yourself ahead in every case for the safety and welfare of your employees.

2. Sometimes you have to be open to different ideas

If you are managing dozens or hundreds of people, then you are actually working with more than one person’s thoughts at the same time. It is unexpected that all of your employees will agree with you when you can not even think about it from time to time with our brother. Sometimes, however, the most unthinkable is the idea that will open your horizon to the person you do not care about. This point, which managers usually ignore, begins by listening to the ideas of your employees. For this reason, be open to different ideas and take care of your employees.

3. You must understand and understand the consciousness of being a team

It is very scary to do a job on your own, sharing the same job will make you both time and functionality. For this reason, the right person in the team to do the right job and you are encouraged to do so, can lead you success. On the other hand, only your teammates can make you a level and cold manager. However, out-of-school activities and conversations about the family reinforce the link.

4. You must build empathy

The part of your brain that triggers the empathy is like a mirror. Get empathized first of all to the behaviors and desires of someone working in your team. Be sure that this will motivate you and yours. Even if the person you are working with is in your administration, do not forget that it may or may not be right.

5. Your team must be competitive

In the work that you do with your team, do not just set up your praise, or just the satire on satire. Say that even if a job is very good, you can do better. So much so that Brett Holl scored 41 goals in the 1988-1989 Hockey season. After the season was over, Holl thought he would hold a meeting with his coach and praise him, and he was unexpectedly criticized. Holl, though surprised at that moment, scored 72 goals in the second round and was the winner, almost doubling the number of goals. On the third, Holl scored 86 goals, breaking his own record.

6. Do not make emotional decisions

Big leaders, whatever their lives, do not confuse work with private life. If someone needs to leave in business, even if you love that person, you should do the right thing. Do not forget to praise a person who you do not like in the same way when you do something good.

7. You Should Be Transparent

If you are in a teamwork, you must trust your team. In the same way, your team should be transparent to them and tell the truth so they can trust you. Surprising and stereotyped phrases will reduce your confidence and belief.

8. You should appreciate the best performances and reward if necessary

Sometimes even a couple of cinema tickets can cause your team to work more sincerely. Feel your employees that you care about your team and are very interested in their performances. Even if you do not put a reward in it, appreciation will motivate them more.

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