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7 objects thought to be UFOs but not UFOs

UFOs, whose existence is still the subject of discussion, can often be confused with other objects. We have shared with you 7 objects that have been mixed up with UFOs.

UFOs have been objects discussed throughout history. Some believe that UFOs exist, while others do not believe in the existence of these objects. Although there are different rumors about this issue, there are some things known to everyone. But how accurate are the objects claimed to be UFOs to date? In this news, we will share some objects that were thought to be UFOs, but the truth is not so.


Weather conditions can sometimes be harsh. More frequent lightning strikes are often interpreted differently by people. Even so many times lightning strikes have been reported, assuming UFOs.

Missile Tests

Countries often do missile trials to test their technology. Although some of these tests are announced, they are sometimes not shared with the public. Unshared missile tests are interpreted by people as UFOs.


In recent years an image from Moscow has been spoken for a long time. It was claimed that a video uploaded to YouTube was UFO, but this information was not accurate either. Scientists quickly clarified the mystery beneath these images and revealed that the image in this video was merely an interesting cloud. Here is the video;


Flying balloons, which we usually see in children’s hands, are also considered to be UFOs. These balloons, produced in different ways, can be seen from the sky and sometimes confuse people. If there is no cloud in the sky and the sun is shining, they get confused.


The planet Venus is often confused with UFOs. The planet, which emerges at night, attracts attention with its brightness and trajectory movement, and people can confuse Venus with UFOs.

Airplanes and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Any time we look at the sky, we’re very likely to see a plane. Passenger planes can be more pronounced, but sometimes warplanes and unmanned aerial vehicles can be confusing with the reflection of sunlight.

Military Tests

In the 1950s, countries almost waged war against UFOs. Many countries were trying to prove the existence of UFOs, military experiments were conducted. You may even have heard of an accident in the United States in 1947. The effects of this event are still unknown. Both during and after the military experiments, mixed with the UFOs settled in people’s consciousness.

7 objects thought to be UFOs but not UFOs
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