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The capacity of the smartphone batteries is increasing every day, but the charging life does not increase at the same rate. If you want to increase the charging life of your smartphone, we can give you some advice.

While designs and technologies are changing rapidly in the smartphone industry, there has been no solution to a consumer problem for a long time: charging life. Smartphone manufacturers are constantly opting to expand their battery capacity while providing the necessary software optimizations significantly improves charging life. Such that; Launched with a 3.500 mAh battery, the Galaxy Note 10 can deliver better performance than the Galaxy Note 9’s 4,000 mAh battery.

As you can imagine, battery capacity is not the only factor that determines the charge life. Software optimizations, display characteristics, and processor architecture also affect charging life very seriously. Galaxy Note 10, 3500 mAh battery with a lot of reaction at first, although the results of the review as long as the competitors had been able to offer long charging life. Therefore, it can be said that Samsung offers the necessary optimization and hardware requirements.

So what can consumers using any smartphone do to extend the charging life?

Determine which applications affect your battery the most
If you want to make radical decisions about how long your battery lasts, the first thing you need to do is determine which applications consume your battery and how much. You can then reach a final decision on these applications.

To make this determination mentioned, go to the “Settings” section of your device. With this section, you will see a submenu called “Battery” or “Device maintenance”.
This menu shows you the battery usage of the applications on your phone in detail.

Pil kullanım ayarları

This allows you to monitor critical applications related to battery usages, such as which application consumes how much battery power, the presence of any disaster caused by updating applications, and your overall usage time.

Battery Usage Settings

This menu will be very decisive, especially if you think your battery performance has decreased recently. The reason for this is that the data related to the applications can be displayed in detail. For example, if a third-party application you’ve never used reduces the battery power by itself, there’s a problem.

Karanlık mod

This problem may be related to the latest update that was sent to the application, or because it runs in the background even if you are not aware of it. Therefore, removing such applications will significantly increase your battery performance.

Manage your display settings and use dark mode during the day if necessary

The hardware that consumes your smartphone’s battery the most is the screen itself. You can also see this clearly in the battery settings. This is because you have to turn on your screen before you take any action on your smartphone. However, dark mode, one of the most popular features of the recent period, reduces the beam emission of the screens and saves a considerable amount of power. Therefore, if you have a battery problem, using dark mode on devices will extend your battery time.

Dark mode

However, when the dark mode is active and during normal use, the brightness of the display is also a significant factor in battery performance. Lowering the screen brightness will improve battery performance for most smartphone models. Already many smartphone models have features that can adjust the brightness according to the ambient light so that even if you reduce the screen brightness to the minimum, it will automatically increase and allow you to have a comfortable user experience.

Disable unused connection features

Smartphones offer consumers different connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, cellular data and Internet sharing. These effective features are actively used by the user, but some unused features remain on the battery. Therefore, it is a great advantage to keep the connection options that you do not use to extend your battery life.

Turn off internet usage in the background

Most of the time, applications on smartphones cannot be completely closed. Even if consumers think they have closed an application, this application can make various Internet uses in the background.

However, this is an important factor affecting battery time. You can allow background internet usage of applications that are important to you and need to be constantly synchronized, but you may feel an improvement in your battery performance if you block unnecessary background internet usage.

Remove unused third-party applications

When you buy a new smartphone and open the box, you’ll see that many applications are installed. Many of these pre-installed applications are systemic, but sometimes third-party applications are pre-installed for users.

uygulama kaldırma

You can be sure that many applications that you are not using consume battery power. The reason for this may be the fact that it sometimes works in the background and sometimes it makes use of the internet even in the background. That’s why uninstalling apps you don’t use will seriously affect your battery usage time.

Use power-saving modes

Whichever phone you use, if you have a customizable power saving mode, use it in a personalized mode. Using this feature will allow only certain services to run on the phone, which will dramatically increase battery time.

If you follow these recommendations, your battery usage will decrease and you will be able to use your phone at least for the day.


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