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6 Important Names Leaving the Apple Company in Recent Years

Technology giant Apple, sometimes with products and sometimes comes to the fore with the differences in the company. In this news, we will share with you the six major divisions of Apple in recent years.

Technology giant Apple, one of the company’s key names Jony Ive announced that the company will be shaken. However, this was not the first separation at Apple, probably not the last. Here are the six leaving that Apple has experienced in recent times;

Vipul Ved Prakash

It was Vipul Ved Prakash who gave Siri, Safari, and Spotlight his power. It became part of Apple with Topsy Labs, which Apple bought in 2013. Prakash left his job at Apple last July.

Jimmy Iovine

One of the most important names in the music industry, Jimmy Iovine, Apple’s acquisition of Beats for $ 3 billion was included with the company. One of Apple Music’s key executives, Jimmy Iovine, left his post in March 2018.

Gerard Williams III

Gerard Williams III, who was part of the team that developed the processor used in the production of the first iPhone, worked for ARM at the time. Gerard Williams III, who started to work at Apple in 2010, worked on the company to produce its own processors. Gerard Williams III, who left his post at Apple last March, was replaced by Mike Filippo, an ARM employee.

Tom Gruber

One of the three prominent names of Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, was Tom Gruber. Gruber began working at Apple in 2010 with the acquisition of Siri by Apple. Gruber, who had been trying to take Siri a little further for 8 years, quit his job in July 2018.

Angela Ahrendts

Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s senior vice president of retail sales, began her career at Apple in 2013. Prior to Apple, Ahrendts, who served as a CEO for 8 years, left his post at Apple last February.

Jony Ive

Apple’s last major breakup was with Jony Ive. I’ve has been working for Apple since 1996 and was responsible for the design of the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch we see today. I’ve announced that he will leave Apple to establish his own company and will continue to work with Apple for some projects in the future. According to a news report today, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is the reason I’ve left work. Allegedly, Tim Cook did not pay attention to the design of Apple products, which led to Ive’s resignation.

6 Important Names Leaving the Apple Company in Recent Years
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