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51. Suggestion to Those Who Want to Go to the Region

51. It has become extremely difficult to follow the event that has been launched to go to the Region. One day you hear that hotels are full, another day the page of the event closes and another day the page of the event reopens. On top of all these developments, LADbible shared sarcasm as a ‘warning’ to prevent people from going to the 51st district.

51. The regional event continues to attract participants at a great pace. Recently, Facebook closed the page where the event was held and stated that the event was in violation of the ‘Community Rules’. The page reopened before a short while. Of course, the event resumes.

51. As a result of the event to go to the region and ‘see the aliens’, the joke part of the event had undergone a major change. A spokesman for the US Armed Forces said that no one would attempt to go to the region and that those who left would be returned. Of course, after celebrities joined the joke, the hotels around the base in Nevada were fully booked on September 20th.

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Despite many warnings, there is another possibility for those attending the event, despite the fact that those who go to the area cannot see the aliens, as well as the possibility of serious injury and arrest. LADbible shared the coordinates of Area 51 and you can explore Area 51 with your feet at home.

You can review the region without violating any rules by entering or clicking 37.24804, -115.800155 coordinates in Google Maps. If you really think that if you go to Nevada, you won’t be able to see the area any closer than this distance, this is actually the most profitable option.

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Of course, many people have tried this method before, and those who want to experience the ‘excitement’ of the event will not apply it despite all warnings. LADbible actually says, “There are no aliens in the area, you will be seriously injured or arrested if you go.” We hope that this warning, which is a more polite and implicit method, will be taken into consideration by many people.

LADbible’ın this fine warning will be effective on September 20 will be effective. As we mentioned at the beginning of our news, we hope that this will not happen even though the majority of the hotels close to the region are full at that time, giving the impression that a disaster is approaching.

51. Suggestion to Those Who Want to Go to the Region
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