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5 Important Factors Determining Your Weight

Although it is thought that the most important factor in the fight against excess weight among the people is ‘will’, the researchers are saying exactly the opposite.

The BBC’s documentary entitled ‘The Facts About Obesity’; its real causes are not only to reveal substance, but also what to do about fighting with obesity …

1. Intestinal micros

Gillian and Jackie are twins. But one is 41 kilos heavier than the other. Professor Tim Spector has been tracking these twins for a full 25 years in a project run by TwinSearch in England. According to Spector, the difference between the twins’ pounds is the tiny organisms in the depths of the intestines, that is, microbes. “When you eat every meal you feed 100 trillion microwaves. You never eat alone, “says Spector. Gillian’s body, which is weaker than the stool specimens from these two brothers, contained a wide variety of microbes, while Jackie’s microbial diversity was observed to be quite low. Professor “What kind of variety is so weak. If you’re very heavy, it’s not as diverse as it should be, “he says. Spector also reached a similar result over 5 thousand people. It has been proven that having a healthy and diverse diet together with fibrous foods results in more intestinal microbes. Fibrous sources include: whole grain cereals, pears and unfrozen fruit, vegetables such as broccoli and carrots, beans, legumes, nuts.

2. Genetic lottery

Why can not they lose weight despite the fact that they can not lose weight in spite of their diet and sports, others do not make any effort? Scientists at Cambridge University say that 40-70% of our weight depends on the genes that are inherited to us. Professor Sadaf Farooqi, “This is a lottery. It is now known that genes play a role in the regulation of the kiln. Some genes can be enough to develop obesity if there is a mistake, “he says. Some genes even determine the appetite of a person, how much he wants to eat or what kind of food he will choose.

3. Body clock

It may be true that the word “breakfast like a king, lunch like a lord, eat dinner like a poor” might be true. But not for the reasons you think. Obesity specialist Dr. James Brown suggests that the more likely he is to lose weight, the higher the chance of weight gain. We are relatively less active at night, not because of our body clock. Dr. “The body can handle calories more effectively during the day,” says Brown. This makes it more difficult for employees to work at irregular hours. Our body is trying to digest fat and sugar at night.

4. Trick your brain

Research shows that 30% to 50% of people who take calories do not care about it. Behavioral scientist Hugo Harper states that there are many ways to subconsciously change your eating habits. For example, it may be far more effective to simply lift visual appeal from the ground. There are unhealthy snacks on the kitchen counter. Put a fruit dish or other healthy snacks in places that appear.

5. Hormones

Bariatric surgery is not only about creating a smaller stomach but also about changing hormones. Our appetite, ho

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