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5 Critical Features the Apple iPhone XI Needs to Keep up With Android

While Apple doesn’t leave any question marks on iPhones in terms of performance and functionality, some features on Android can make iPhones much better.

Apple, in September, the new generation of iPhone models will be presented to Apple fans. The most important information about the new generation of iPhones so far is that the devices will come with a triple camera. Nevertheless, Apple has to bring some features on the Android platform to the next-generation iPhone if it wants to stop the drop in iPhone sales and capture higher sales rates. Here are 5 features that must be added to the new generation iPhone on Android devices.

Always-on Display

Samsung has introduced the Always-on Display feature, which allows us to check notifications, time and date without opening the screen with the Galaxy S7 Edge.

Thanks to this feature, users who had to wake up the screen even for simple operation such as turning on the clock had significantly saved their battery usage. Since then, many different phones with an OLED display have been equipped with Always-on Display, but Apple has insisted on not bringing this feature to the iPhones.

Multi-Task Support

Since 2016, Android has a multitasking feature that divides the screen into two. What’s more, Apple’s biggest competitor, Samsung, allows users to use multiple applications at the same time, either by dividing the device’s screen or by opening applications within the window a long time ago.

Although Apple allows multiple tasks on iPads, it still doesn’t support multiple applications on iPhones at the same time. Considering that iPhones now have gigantic screens like 6.5 inches, we can say that media is available for multitasking.

Quick Charging

Apple supports fast charging on all iPhone models that it has introduced since iPhone 8, but you need to purchase a quick charger adapter externally to take advantage of this feature.

If we think that competitors like Samsung have taken the quick charger adapter out of the box and users are using the fastest charge by default, Apple will also have to place the quick charge adapter in the box with the new generation of iPhone.

A less noticeable notch

With the Apple iPhone X, it revealed a design that was both appreciated and highly criticized. Even though this design is considered successful in terms of screen/body ratio in those days, Samsung today has a hollow screen technology; Huawei manages to offer drop-notched design and full-screen designs with pop-up mechanical systems from companies such as Vivo, Oppo. Apple has to develop at least a smaller notched design to be able to compete for head to head with Android rivals on new iPhones.

Embedded Fingerprint Scanner

Apple uses Face ID technology as biometric security. This technology, even if it works successfully, causes the device to have a gigantic notch. In addition, Android competitors are able to fit biometric security into the frameless display design with the fingerprint scanner embedded in the screen. Apple can reduce the notch to a minimum by switching to a fingerprint scanner embedded in the screen.

iPhone XI

5 Critical Features the Apple iPhone XI Needs to Keep up With Android
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