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5 App for Short Time Free, with a total value of $12. (IOS)

Welcome to the news we shared with you about the free apps we selected from this week’s App Store discounts.

We are with a free application list. Today, we will share with you free iOS applications when you are in a hurry to download because the discounts will be valid for a short time. This week’s free iOS apps.

Calcvier – Keyboard Calculator

Calcvier is an app that turns your keyboard into a calculator. The application embeds the calculator into the keyboard application and you don’t need to switch between applications to make the calculation. To activate the application, you need to follow Settings> General> Keyboard> Keyboards> Add new keyboard> Calcvier.

Calcvier – Keyboard Calculator – Download

Flowing – Meditation in Nature

You can focus and improve your productivity with Flowing, which is for meditators. David Bawiec, who composed compositions for Hollywood, composed the three compositions in the application while the illustrations were created by the famous illustrator Marie Beschorner.

Flowing – Meditation in Nature – DOWNLOAD

monthly – easy personal budget

“My salary had just been laid, what was it done?” You can check your expenses with Monthly, the monthly budget planning application that can answer the question.

monthly – easy staff budget easy DOWNLOAD

Six Pack Abs + Fat Burn Diet

In the winter months, we are getting rid of the excess weights and the spring and summer months when we try to get rid of our belly. With this application prepared as a 30-day program, you can get rid of the excess weight accumulated in your belly area. In addition, a body program consisting of four different studies per day in the body mass index calculation is also available in the application.

Six Pack Abs + Fat Burn Diet – Download

Trace Heap – My Video Diary

As its name implies, Trace Heap, the video-day app, takes the logging habit to a different dimension. Trace Heap, which we can describe as a modern day, has many features such as the camera feature that comes with many filters and the sound effects you can add to your videos.

We’ve come to the end of our article that we share with you the apps we selected from this week’s App Store discounts. You can also share your comments with us if you have applications that have come to your attention.

Trace Heap – Download My Video Diary


5 App for Short Time Free, with a total value of $12. (IOS)
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